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 Character Profile: BriarRose.

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Character Profile: BriarRose.  Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: BriarRose.    Character Profile: BriarRose.  I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2012 1:40 am

Name: BriarRose (Rose)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Relatives: Mother and father(William) She doesn't know about them, Eris (Older sister)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

BriarRose as a child had grown up in a normal family, Not the most wealthy family. Though her parents weren't able to get children, Eris 'helped' them.
Though Eris cursed Rose. Creating a curse with which Rose would share the pain of her very own mother. When Rose her mother got an illness. Rose shared her pain. Causing Rose to become numb as her very own Mother died. Rose her Father (William) afraid of losing his own daughter made another deal with Eris. Eris took Rose away from her parents, So she could live a 'perfect' life.

Rose only remembers a lullaby which her mother always sung to her. Rose remembers her beginning as darkness. Followed by a voice. But her past is still a mystery to her.
While she has been growing up here, Eris learned Rose to heal others by using water. Rose thinks she is a water nymph(Ondine).

Eris means allot to Rose, Sometimes she hates her sister more than anything. But at the end most of the time Eris is right.

Even though Rose and Tulio broke their relationship. Rose still loves Tulio. Their relationship has had their ups and downs. And both have cheated on one another. But Rose cannot help her feelings. She still loves him. But deep down knows that she should move on because of his death.

Rose knows John has feelings for her, she herself is rather conflicted about her feelings toowards him.he seems so happy about having a family with her, he loves her. And would do anything for her, she thinks that it is for the better to move on , Tulio is not alive.. And if she keeps pushing off the one person that cares for her. Than she would end up alone.

-Shan Yu(Friend/Foe):
One moment they get along easily, The other they stick knifes in each others backs. Rose knows Shan Yu is wise, And strong. And not to be crossed. She doesn't know whether to trust him or not. But he is wise enough to give her advise.

Rose has her ideas about Megara, She doesn't trust Megara. And she doesn't think she will ever trust the girl. The girl is lonely, And she does not want to take advantage of Megara's Loneliness. They are very much alike. But Rose cannot help her dislike against Megara.
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Character Profile: BriarRose.
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