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 Character Profile: Megara

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Character Profile: Megara Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Megara   Character Profile: Megara I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 12:25 pm

Name: Megara "Meg"
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Relatives: None
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Reddish Brown

Megara grew up in a small village right by Athens, Greece. As a young girl, she loved to roam the fields and explore new places. One day, Hades spotted her and fell in love with her. He captured her away from her parents and kept her with him in the Underworld. Megara lived with him for six years until she finally got sick of him. She researched posions that could possibly kill or make mortal Hades. She finally drugged him and escaped on a ship without looking back. Now Eris has brought her to this island, and she meets someone there very unexpectedly..

-Ping(Friend, Ex-Lover):
Meg fell in love with Ping just by looking at him on the first day at the island. And although he didn't love her back at first, he soon excepted their differences and fell in love with her as well. Even though they aren't dating anymore, Meg still considers him a close friend.

Meg and Tulio have had past sexual experiences with each other that just ended up causing each other pain. Tulio was always nice to Meg and was one of Ping's best friends on the island.

Meg felt very close to Jane when they first met. Their friendship lost their connection but she hopes to rekindle it now that she doesn't have Ping anymore.

Megara almost hated Rose when she first met her, but after talking to her. She realized Meg's just like Rose. Even though Meg might not consider them good friends, she doesn't consider a full enemy.

Megara and Shan-Yu don't get along easily at all. She's saddened at the fact that Shan-Yu and Jane are dating, since she has such a strong dislike for the man.
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Character Profile: Megara
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