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 Character Profile: Tiana

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Character Profile: Tiana Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Tiana   Character Profile: Tiana I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 12:57 pm

Name: Tiana
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Tiana is obedient and hard working, the first out of habit from being a slave and fear of the consequences if she wasn't. Though at times, mainly with horrid men, she has some sass in her. She does not believe any man should strike a woman or treat them terribly. She's respectful to those older than her, and those that are of higher authority. She is a bit shy at people she had never met, but so long as the person is kind she will quickly warm up to them. Tiana is very polite and formal, out of habit of having to be so as a slave, and it might take her as while to less formal with someone. She holds a curiosity to many things, having had no education growing up, and likes to learn all she can.

All her life, Tiana had been a slave. She was born into it and had believed that she would die as one. Her old master was a rich young lady who spent her time hosting balls and dancing with whomever caught her fancy. Tiana simply did her work (which was cooking and cleaning) and admired the dancing of the guests. One night, Tiana caught sight of a handsome man, who was charming and nice to the slave girl. She fell in love. But unfortunately the man was the newly announced fiance of her master. Tiana felt heartbroken and guilty, but the love still remained. She was careless in hiding her affections, and her master soon discovered them. Furious and threatened, she sold Tiana to a pair of brothers, whom mistreated her. Their abuse was great and occurred often. Refusing to life such a life, she ran away and snuck upon a ship. She didn't know where it was going, nor did she care. So long as she was free. But a storm came upon and the ship sank. The next thing Tiana knew, she was on an island, where a woman told her to follow her. And so she did, for Tiana didn't have much choice. She could only hope her new found freedom staid intact.

Anya {Friend/Deceased): Anya was one Tiana's closest friends on the island when she was alive.
Isabella (Friend): One of Tiana's first friends as well as one of the first people she met on the island.
Megara (Sort of friend): A small friendship formed along the shore before they separated into groups the first time. Tiana still considers her a friend.
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Character Profile: Tiana
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