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 Character Profile: Isabella

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Character Profile: Isabella Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Isabella   Character Profile: Isabella I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 11:29 am

Name: Isabella Marini
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Relatives: Mother (Dead), Father (Gone), her two brothers, Giovanni (27) and Giacomo (17)
Occupation: She worked in a bookshop
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Isabella grown up in a little village in the province of Florence...
Her father left her mother when was pregant of their third child, Isabella was only 3 years old and Giovanni was 7... they will never know why thier father left..
After that day her mother started to work every day in order to maintain the family... after only four years she became ill with fever and after her death they were taken by the pastor, with his help Giovanni could start his study and became the merchant he's now... During this period Isabella stayed with his brother Giacomo in the parish and as soon as she became 15 she left thet place to return to their own house with her little brother...
She found her job in the bookshop and could mantein the house and his brother Giacomo.. Giovanni finished his studies and started to work in the shop of a local merchant...

So now they live together in the house that was of their parents, Isabella kept her job in the bookshop and she goes every day at work in the village.. Here live a sort of local Casanova that has pointed his eyes on her... She obliously refused his proposal, disgusted by his words and fame.. but mostly from the idea of ??getting married.. she's still afraid that she could have the same fate of her mother...
And plus she's dreaming to leave this place.. see new people.. new places... and this make her sad... Her brothers know about her feelings and can't ignore them even if they don't want to see her leave..
So they bought her a little pendant with a little portrait of their family, she and her brothers, and the ticket for the voyage...

Isabella is kind to everybody, she never says no if you ask her something... She has a sunny disposition and you'll never seen her without her smile... Sometimes she can be naive and for this her brothers always rebuked her for that...

Friends and Foes:
Tiana: the first person she met on the Island.. Actually they're friends..
Red: the two are buddies! They explored the Island together, the Tree of Life and jumped from the Falls.. They get along very well and Isa managed to break a little Red's shell..
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Character Profile: Isabella
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