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 Character Profile: Odette Frollo

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Character Profile: Odette Frollo Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Odette Frollo   Character Profile: Odette Frollo I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 1:06 pm

Name: Odette Frollo
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Relatives: All deceased
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Blonde

Personality: Due to her sheltered life with a religious father, she is very naïve and introverted. Odette is easily frightened, but if there was proper incentive, she could be very brave. She doesn't like conflicts, and always tries to help resolve any that might pop up (though isn't usually successful and might muck things up further). She's always willing to listen to other people's problems and give them a shoulder to cry on. Conversely, she can be rather adverse to getting her hands dirty and defenseless (due to her pampered life before the storm).

Odette's mother died in childbirth, leaving her father to raise her alone. He became very protective of her, and tried to keep her as close as possible (when he wasn't away on business, which was more often than he liked). Odette didn't resent him, however, knowing he feared losing her and truly cared about her. She grew up happy, and never wanted for anything.
When she was fourteen, she met John Smith on the streets of Paris. Instantly she was smitten with the handsome Englishman, and the feelings were mutual. Over the years, a romance bloomed between them. Soon they were making plans to marry when John finished his studies.

But they would never come to pass. Odette's father, an intensely religious man, had been leading a crusade against witches in Paris. He had managed to destroy them all, save one. The leader of the last surviving coven barged in on a party her father had held for her birthday, and declared that her and her father would pay for the destruction of the other covens. But he would undo the curse, the warlock hissed, if Odette was given to him as a wife. Her father, enraged, refused and promised to intensify his crusade. This was the beginning of the end.

Just days later, famine struck the city, and the citizens turned to looting. Seeing that his household was in danger, her father arranged for a ship to take them to a safer place. But just as they began to pack for the journey, the mob arrived at their gates. Odette's father sent her through a secret passage, one that had been built by his ancestors, but was unable to follow her, as the crazed townspeople had broken into the room. Her father gave his life to ensure her escape. She spent a considerable amount of time hiding out with friends of her late father across the country, always having to keep moving due to the warlock hounding her. But eventually she reached the safety of a ship, which she stowed away on just as it was setting sail.

However, the safety of the ship was just an illusion. Out of nowhere, a storm struck the ship. The storm seemed to push them towards a mysterious island, where Odette thought they could land safely and wait the storm out. But instead, the ship broke apart on the rocks, flinging the passengers into the sea. Unable to swim, Odette feared that this was truly the end for her. But as fate would have it (or rather, a certain mysterious entity), she washed up on shore. Just before losing consciousness, she glimpsed a dark figure, which disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Then, Odette was lost to slumber, and dreamed of her father, her mother, and even John Smith.


John Smith: Though unaware he's on the island, he is one of the most important people in her life. They go way back, even before Pandora.

::UPDATED 12/5/2012::
Esmerelda: The first person she met on Pandora, Odette clung to her during their first day. Probably the only one she really feels a connection to (besides John) since they both are from the same country.

Isabella: Acquaintance; she and Odette were paired together during the second part of the first task, with Odette taking on the role of temporary leader.

Megara: Acquaintance; Megara filled her in on the situation on Pandora.

Jane: Acquaintance. They didn't speak much when they first met, so Odette has no real opinion of her.

::UPDATED 12/16/2012::
Dr. Facilier: Odette was surprised by his gentlemanly ways, and wouldn't mind seeing him again, and hear him talk of his home town New Orleans.
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Character Profile: Odette Frollo
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