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 Personal Profile: Cassim

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Personal Profile: Cassim Empty
PostSubject: Personal Profile: Cassim   Personal Profile: Cassim I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 8:26 am

Gender? MALE
Age? 42
Occupation? A MASTER THIEF/steals for a living
Love interests? NONE at the moment
Married? PREVIOUSLY but no longer
Children? A SON, he has no knowledge of
Features? Eyes/Hair: Black

Origin? With his favorite phrase being: "Jack of all trades, master of none. Or a few or a lot, like the Rennaissance man", Cassim easily avoids personal questions that leads to the truth about his past.
Born in AGRABAH, Cassim was raised traveling the world and he enjoyed it.
He was orphaned at a young age, his mother supposedly died of a disease, the same disease that may have in fact killed his wife later.
He never knew his father and he never cared to, probably a reason he unpurposely neglects his son.
In his young age, he was stranded in Italy and was taken in, then recruited by a group called the Keepers.
They taught him everything he knows but he later left the organization, full of anger when he learned that the disease that killed his family was an experiment of one of the Keepers clients.
He made himself as a thief, using his Keeper skills to take jobs of high payment and steal from the rich.

Doesn't know whether to take pity on his memory loss or smack the guy and tell him to man up!

Dr. Facilier/acquaintance/
Thinks the man must be dreaming if he calls himself a docter! Appreciates the fact that he can read.

Shan yu/acquaintance-possible friend?/
Received quite the intel from this man and Cassim hopes they meet again.

Megara/acquaintance-possible love interest?/
Met her at a task dance and really wants to have some "fun" with her.

Doesn't know what to think of the woman. Her looks does capture the eyes but her personality...
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Aantal berichten : 69
Registratiedatum : 2012-11-16

Personal Profile: Cassim Empty
PostSubject: Re: Personal Profile: Cassim   Personal Profile: Cassim I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 3:05 pm

Update 12/4/12
Added Tulio, Shan yu, and Facilier

Update 1/5/12
Added Megara and BriarRose

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Personal Profile: Cassim
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