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 Character Profile Shan Yu

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Character Profile Shan Yu Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile Shan Yu   Character Profile Shan Yu I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 5:35 am

Name: Shan Yu
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Relatives: a retired uncle, older brother, sister and her 5 children, daughter Pocahontas
Occupation: Assassin, and bounty hunter
Eyes: yellow
Hair: black

Personality: He is cruel and proud. He doesn't want to let people too close, but has no problem of getting under other peoples skin. He wants to be viewed as strong, and won't give anything up easily.

Shan Yu was born as a second son to a mongolian family. He had an older brother and sister, and many younger ones that died in childhood. He was constantly faced with war and death.
Finally when he was 10 his uncle took him with him and trained him to become an assassin. They worked together for years, his uncle finally retiering when Shan Yu was in his twenties.
Shan Yu met a woman called Tua in his youth. They fell in love and he wanted to start a life with her. One time he went away for an assignment. When he returned Tua had left. That hardened him, and made him not trust women, or love for that matter.

Eris- He thinks she is an enemy that he wants to keep close to. If he has the chance he would gladly overthrow her.
Rose- He likes her a bit more than Eris, but would not shed a tear if he had to betray her too. But he still treats her friendly.
Jane- He definately likes her company, but finds it strangely alarming that she has that kind of power over him.
Pocahontas- his daughter that he doesn't get along with too well. He sees alot of Tua in her and is taking his past hurt out on her. Also he is not that thrilled he produced a girl instead of a boy.
Megara- He tortured her once, and is not too friendly with her either.
Ping- Enjoys torturing Ping. Knows she is a girl, and enjoys insulting Chinese people through her.
Tulio- Thinks he is a weak little casanova. Doesn't really hate him, but doesn't like him either.
John- Definately if he had to choose between the suitors of Rose he would prefer John to Tulio. Thinks he is more manly than Tulio.
Hades- Definately Shan yu finds him a very powerfull foe. Eventhough they have never met, this God has managed to cause him alot of trouble.
Kida- He definately wants to kill her. Has nottalked to her, only knows she is part of this chaos. He has not yet decided how to destroy her, but he will find a way.
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Character Profile Shan Yu
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