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 Character Profile: John Smith

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John Smith

John Smith

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PostSubject: Character Profile: John Smith   Character Profile: John Smith I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 5:04 am

Name: John Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Relatives: Parents (Unknown - Orphan), Phoebus (Older Brother), Kida (Daughter).
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

John has four different personalities, as many events and life experiences have changed him.

Personality One: (Back when he was a naive young adult.)
The adventurous and promiscuous explorer.
John was young and uncertain, he explored not only the world, but tried to discover who he really was and how to deal with situations he didn't understand, feelings he couldn't comprehend. He was sensitive, logical and kind hearted but weak, and slightly arrogant.

Personality Two: (Eris makes him forget his past and landing on the island.)
The lost puppy.
John was a sensitive and loyal soul with an obsession for Briar as he saw her as his only reason for existing. Despite his physical strength, he was emotionally weak and subject to his passionate love.

Personality Three: (Eris makes him forget falling in love and removes his emotions.)
The evil and twisted slave.
John became Eris' servant and dedicated himself to fulfilling her wishes. He was a heartless and cruel man with a disregard for anyone but himself. he enjoyed toying with people.

Personality Four: (Current, once he has awoken and remembers the entirety of his life.)
The confident and dedicated leader.
John is now fully aware of his past, and uses his immense experience to help guide his current reactions to situations. He is confident and will fight for what is right, his rational bravery is his strength. He sees himself as a protector of the innocent, and will take anyone under his wing who needs his help. He is loving, but keeps his emotions more guarded, which can sometimes lead to him acting in mysterious ways. He possesses a fearless loyalty to anyone he cares about, which can sometimes lead him into dangerous situations, as he would be willing to fight to the death and beyond for who and what he believes in.

John doesn't remember the beginning of his life and he was never told about his parents. His earliest memory is being at an English orphanage with his elder brother, Phoebus. He remembers Phoebus fighting for them to stay together but his attempts failed, and John was pulled away into different foster families. That was the last time he saw his brother.
John was in and out of the system until sixteen, when he jumped on a boat and left England. He headed for France, where he met a beautiful maiden with flowing blonde hair, called Odette. He studied there, and managed to pull out a first in degree level chemistry. During those few years, him and Odette built a strong and steady relationship, they were in love and happy. At the end of his degree, they planned to be married. However, his fiance suddenly disappeared, her and her family left their home and he never saw her again.

John fled from his feelings of hurt and decided to become an explorer, the only place he felt at home, was the sea.Though he wouldn't admit it, he was searching for answers, trying to find Odette and discover why she had left him. Travelling from place to place, he slept with a variety of different women, trying to numb the pain. Finally, his ship crashed and he ended up at Pandora. He didn't trust anyone and once he realised Odette wasn't on the island, he took his anger out on everyone else. Giving up on life, he sacrificed himself to save the others when a leopard attacked. He died.

Eris, gave him a new chance at life. She brought John back, and erased his memories of his previous life, she also gave him powers (Super hearing, strength and speed). At this point, he met Briar Rose. She was kind to him, and soon became the soul reason for his existence. He couldn't remember anything else, and so he became dedicated to keeping her happy. Unfortunately, his feelings weren't reciprocated. Rose was in love with Tulio. A few months past, during which he had let his feelings get the better of him and had kissed Briar. She had fled. He hadn't tried it again. It was at this time though, that Eris decided she didn't favor Tulio and so forced Rose to break up with him, threatening Tulio's life. When John witnessed the emotional state of turmoil Rose was in, he decided to sacrifice his own happiness for hers. He made a deal with Eris, that he would become her slave, she could remove all his memories once more, aswell as his emotions - he would follow her orders. This was on the condition, she would ensure Rose and Tulio could be happy together.

From this point, John turned into a monster. The focus of his actions were taken out on Anya, who he tortured and raped before sacrificing her on a mountain. Briar was distraught at what her close friend had become and her sadness lead her to kiss him in attempt to make him remember her. It worked, he remembered everything, and he was overwhelmed. The grief almost consumed him. However, Rose helped him out of it. Their companionship became stronger, and they eventually had sex for the first time. (The time when Kida was conceived.)

This is the last thing John remembers, now, he has awoken on the island with all of his memories from his childhood brother, to Tulio, to the deal with Eris and Anya's death. He is free to become himself. However the fully restored John, is now without his powers, and without the knowledge, he has a daughter.


-Briar Rose (Lover)
John used to think him and Rose were soulmates, but now he has all his memories back - he isn't so sure. He remembers the burning passion he possessed for Odette and this makes him feel uncertain. He can tell Rose doesn't entirely reciprocate his feelings and knows deep down he must move on from her. Yet, he feels connected to her somehow, he loves her with all his heart and will find it hard to let her go.

-Kida (Daughter)
John doesn't know much about her, except that she destroyed the island. Despite this, she is still one of the most important people in his life. He will defend her until the end and try to get through to her. His greatest hope, is to return her home to her mother and father. For, himself, Kida and Briar Rose, to be a family together.

-Odette (Ex-Fiance)
John is unaware Odette is on the island, but he used to be very much in love with her. She was his first love and they planned to marry before her mysterious disappearance. She hurt him when she left without word, and he believes she may have run off with a sailor or something. Despite all this, she still holds a very important place in his heart.

-Jane (Best Friend)
John and Jane are very close, and they made friends when he first arrived on the island. However, he has only just remembered her, so they haven't had long to reunite. Nonetheless, she is one of the people John truly trusts and the fact she cares for his daughter, makes him have all the more respect for her. He cares for her dearly.

-Eris (Ally of Sorts)
John doesn't trust Eris, but they have been allies in the past and he feels loyal to her as he owes her his life. She brought him back from the dead, and has helped him out with deals and such before. He is uncertain about her, and trusts her less-so now than before as he has all his memories.

-Tulio (Acquaintance)
John doesn't like, nor dislike Tulio as he doesn't really know him. However, he does envy him and wishes Rose would look at him, the way she looks at Tulio.

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John Smith

John Smith

Aantal berichten : 28
Registratiedatum : 2012-11-14

Character Profile: John Smith Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: John Smith   Character Profile: John Smith I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 11:49 pm

UPDATED: Friends/Foes.
Kida and Odette have been added.
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Character Profile: John Smith
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